Full time Pharmacist wanted for Pharmacy of the year winner

Our client in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is seeking a Pharmacist to join their award winning team. This team has excellent Pharmacists that can help newly graduated Pharmacists to hone in their Pharmacy skills and become the best Pharmacists they can possibly be. NO WEEKENDS are required of the Pharmacist that get this position but some evening work is required. This Pharmacy employs a real forward dispensing approach so if being out the front of the dispensary and interacting with customers is your cup of tea this is the role for you. A forward dispensing approach really allows you as the Pharmacist the time to interact with customers and allows you to really improve their quality of life. This Pharmacy also has 2 clinic rooms that deliver a wide range of Health Services.  All Pharmacists are welcome to apply.

Pharmacy Snapshot:

Hourly rate: $40/ hour (Negotiable)

Dispensary Computer Systems: FRED
Average Number of scripts per day: 500
Dispensary Technician?: Yes
POS Computer System: FRED
Number of Staff (Pharmacists): 3
Hours Required to be worked by Pharmacist: 30-40
Are you responsible for a methadone programme?: Yes
Are you responsible for a nursing home or other special care facility?: Yes