Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Owners Questions

Please refer to the bottom of the Premium Locums home page. Please note that Premium Locums invoice you directly for our Placement fee only. The Locum Pharmacist will invoice you for the shift they have filled directly as well.

Our main job is to fulfil Pharmacies with their pharmacist needs. However, if a client requests pharmacy staff (other than qualified pharmacists) we will try our very best to accommodate their needs. Our fee for other pharmacy staff will be sent to you by email. You will have to reply to the email to confirm that you agree on the cost of filling the role prior to us making a concerted effort to find someone for you.

You can start the pharmacy placement process by completing the registration form for Pharmacy Employers. If you have any questions about the registration process, please call us on 0488 793 253 or send us an email at

We use multi-channels to advertise the pharmacist position you need filled. This includes our Website, Facebook page and pool of Locum Pharmacists we send messages too.

Yes we understand that sometimes you need a pharmacist quickly. For example, your permanent pharmacist has called in sick. That’s why we are on call to find suitable pharmacist candidates when you need them most.

In addition, to sourcing locum pharmacists, we also help with permanent, part-time and Emergency Locum pharmacist positions 

(1 day notice).

Pharmacist Questions

We will review your application and be in contact with you via a phone call. We appreciate that a lot of of Locum Pharmacists will be working throughout the day. This means if we do not get you when we call you, we will communicate with you by text message or email.

At Premium Locums we treat all Locum Pharmacists as sole contractors. This means that you have to get the Pharmacies email address yourself and invoice the Pharmacy yourself. The Pharmacy will then pay you via direct deposit into your bank account. If pharmacists require an invoice template feel free to reach out to and we will send you one

In the past you would have had to fill out the whole registration form. However, Premium Locums have simplified things to make things easier for you. If you do not want to fill out the whole form please attach your Resume so we know a bit about you. Please also note if you do not choose to attach your AHPRA registration, Insurance certificate and Covid certificate we will ask for it by email. So please attach those certificates so we can send you jobs as soon as possible.

Generally, Pharmacy owners will pay within 2 weeks of sending your invoice to them. On the rare occasion though, Pharmacy Owners do not pay within 2 weeks due to not seeing the invoice. We recommend that you contact the Pharmacy via phone to chase up payment and double check that you got the correct email address from them. If there are any other issues please let us know via email at

Premium Locums communicate via text message predominately but are open to communicating via WhatsApp and email if the Locum Pharmacist requests us to do so.

You can complete the registration form for Pharmacy Job Seekers. If you have any questions about the registration process, give us a call on 0488 793 253 or send us an email at

Our jobs page is updated as soon as a new pharmacist position becomes available or when an existing position no longer requires staff.